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About Xango Capoeira
  • Xango Capoeira Group was founded by Mestre Luizinho Barravento in Australia 2011.

    His group, however, have been operating in Australia since 1997 under the name Zambiacongo which was founded by Luizinho's father, Mestre Geni in Salvador - Bahia, Brazil.

    Xango Capoeira’s main objective it to Research, Divulge and preserve the Afro-Brazilian Culture.  Promoting individual and community values based on Respect, Co-operation and Freedom. Using Capoeira as social integration tool, abolishing violence, discrimination and pre-conception, making friends and respecting all.

  • In our multi-cultural society it also offers a mixture of cultural activities which empower and enrich a participants character, dignity and personal value.

    Our aim is to form new Capoeira Instructors and Capoeira players with a vast knowledge of Capoeira and its fundamentals.

  • Mestre Luizinho leads the group's headquarters in the Gold Coast with branches also in Brisbane, Darwin, Northern NSW, Singapore, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Thailand, Tahiti and Brazil.

    The group has two full time Capoeira studios, one at the Gold Coast and one in Brisbane which is run by Professor Caracol. His father, Mestre Coracao, is a former student of the Great Master Bimba and was the founder o Capoeira in the state of Queensland in 1990.

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