The Benefits of Xango Capoeira

September 15, 2016

Good for agility and fast reflexes

Capoeira is all about reacting quickly to evade, trick or ‘attack’ your opponent. Regular practice builds fast reflexes and superior agility

Enhances flexibility

Unlike many sports and activities, capoeira takes the body in all directions. It bends, twists, curls and stretches, developing mobility throughout the joints and muscles

Boosts heart

Weight-bearing movement in all directions is demanding on the cardiovascular system, increasing stamina. One hour of capoeira burns around 500 calories

Improves balance

Research from the University of Minnesota shows that the coordination of upper and lower body movements, as well as moves that require balancing on one leg or hand, enhance coordination

Strengthens upper body

Many of the moves, including handstands and cartwheels, require taking the body’s full weight through the hands, so strengthening upper arms, chest, shoulders and back

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