Instructor Rocha

Instructor Rocha started Capoeira in Darwin in 2000. In 2005 Rocha moved to Brisbane for 6 months to further his training with the group under Contre Mestre Caracol.

After returning to Darwin Rocha supervised the group in Darwin teaching under the guideance of Mestre Luizinho. In 2009 Rocha went to Brazil with Mestre Luizinho and a group of 20 students to further his studies in Capoeira.

The group travelled to Rio De Janeiro, Bahia and Sergipe participating in training and gradings with a variety of Capoeira groups, witnessing the recognition of Capoeira as Brazils national sport. Later that year Rocha participated in the first Asia Pacific Capoeira Tournament organised and hosted by Mestre Luizinho achieving 3rd place in the mens advanced division. In 2009 Rocha graduated to Fromado (1st teaching belt). In 2010 Rocha moved to the Gold Coast where he now trains and teaches under the guideance of Mestre Luizinho. In 2010 Rocha competed in the 2nd Asia Pacific Capoeira Tournament taking 1st place in the advanced mens division. To this date Rocha reguarly trains and teaches at the full time Capoeira academy in the Gold Coast.