Professor Principe

My love for Capoeira began (like alot of people outside of Brazil) after I first saw the movie “Only The Strong”. it was only a 30 second highlight of the movie, but the music, movements and energy had me hooked at the age of 8. i searched everywhere for someone who taught this amazing art but I could not seem to locate it wherever I looked. In 1997 I was told by a friend of mine that there was a class on the South Side of Brisbane run by a teacher from Brazil and I immediately begged my parents to take me and in April of 1997 I began Capoeira with Mestre Luizinho whom had just arrived from brazil.

In 2002 I travelled to Brazil on the advice of Mestre Luizinho who said the only way to really know and teach Capoeira properly was to immerse yourself in the culture and talk with the old Mestres. I spent almost a year travelling round Brazil and training with various groups to get a better understanding of all aspects of Capoeira.

In 2004 I moved to the Sunshine Coast and openned up the first Capoeira school in thenareas of Kawana and Noosa. After a year or so I moved back to the Gold Coast to help out and further my training with Mestre Luiz.

Today, I am helping run the Academy at Miami and giving all that I can back to an art which has given me